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Port Grimaud

A unique lakeside town

An unprecedented project at the time, the coastal town of Port Grimaud is now a popular destination that is well-loved for its laid-back way of life. Wander along the canals, take a boat trip, or count the different colors on the facades. There are so many reasons to love the Little Venice of Provence.

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Lakeside town of Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud is one of the most famous coastal towns in the world, but it’s only been in existence for around fifty years. A colorful port, nicknamed ‘The Little Venice of Provence’ and endorsed as a 20th Century Heritage site – it’s a place full of surprises.

Port Grimaud was brought to life on the French Riviera, and while its canals will no doubt remind you of the Floating City, it’s a project firmly rooted in Provence, as conceived by its architect, François Spoerry.


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When you come to Port Grimaud, you enter a kingdom of color. If you love life on the water, welcome aboard.

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With hidden details and secret histories, this relatively young town is still brimming with stories to tell.

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