Charm of Provence & French Riviera

Grimaud village historiqueGrimaud village historique
The charm ofProvence and French Riviera

Experiences to live

Explore Grimaud

Summer shines brightly in Grimaud and the bougainvilleas light up the alleys.

Get inspired with our ideas for a pretty cool summer !

Sports or cultural activities, learning more about the history of Grimaud or coming along to our events: the choice is yours.

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In springtime

we take our time

Spring announces the return of mild weather that allows the first buds and flowers to appear and to delight our eyes in search of colour.

The perfect time to enjoy the paths and to listen to nature coming back to life.

In summer

we go for a swim

The long awaited summer holidays are finally here, to laze in the sun and enjoy the present moment !
Join one of our beaches to activate your “farniente” mode.

In autumn

there is no time to be bored

This season, full of warm colours, never stops being surprising. The vineyards are glowing, the air is mild.

From the seaside in Port Grimaud to the nature around the village, don’t miss any of the autumnal beauty of Grimaud

In winter

enjoy the mildness of life

Enjoy Grimaud in every season, winter is peaceful and relaxing.

This beautiful season brings the mimosa with it, do you remember its smell?