Grimaud Art Urbain 3Grimaud Art Urbain 3
©Grimaud Art Urbain 3|Cyril Carpentier


Art in Grimaud

Art and culture play an important role in Grimaud. What better place to enjoy an exhibition than in the narrow streets of the Provençal village, in the Maison des Arcades or in the galleries?

Life-size art

on show in Grimaud

Every year, the Exhibition of Monumental Sculptures transforms the commune of Grimaud into a privileged place of public and open-air artistic expression.

From spring on, like flowers in bloom, the sculptures will be springing up in the alleyways and squares, and even in the exhibition room at the Maison des Arcades.

The exhibition comes to an end in the autumn, bringing you new artists and new works after the winter.

Grimaud Urban Art

Street art with Provençal touch

During the summer season, street artists take over walls, doors… and give free reign to their art.
The Provençal and medieval Grimaud blends the old and the new, and these contemporary works fit perfectly with the village’s thousand-year-old history.

The exhibition also continues indoors, in the unusual setting of the Kilal (a former hotel), where artists leave, on several levels, their imprints on the walls.

Maison des Arcades

Arcades House

It is a historic house in the village of Grimaud, acquired by the commune and, since 2018, hosting exhibitions throughout the year.

A place of art and culture, the Maison des Arcades is home to painters, sculptors and designers, who express their vision and talent through their work.

Heritage Museum

This authentic stone house was once a forge and oil mill.

Converted into a museum more than 30 years ago, this place hosts a permanent exhibition about the popular traditions and way of life of the former population of Grimaud and Provence, as well as temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

Art galleries

Art lovers await you in municipal exhibition spaces as well as in private galleries to present their selection of current works.