Balade Cheval Provence Grimaud Var 11Balade Cheval Provence Grimaud Var 11
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Activities and leisures

Grimaud offers many activities, at sea, on land … The best way to have fun in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.


Full of activities

Between the Maures Massif and the Mediterranean, millennial paths with sparkling waves, Grimaud multiplies the eyes and varies the pleasures. Each season its emotion. Whatever your mood, discover the many possibilities available to you.

Budget friendly


Have fun thanks to the great ideas of Gulf of Saint-Tropez Tourism: many activities in Grimaud and all over the region await you! Take advantage of the discounts to do even more activities.


Nature side


From the Mediterranean coast to the Massif des Maures mountain paths, find the most enjoyable activity that’s right for you.

Monuments an heritage

Must-see sites

From the medieval castle to the 20th-century lakeside town, Grimaud boasts many unmissable sites. Each of them being a part of Grimaud’s known and unknown history. Discover this historical heritage.

It’s raining!

The Var has 300 days of sunshine a year and a few days of clouds and rain that benefit nature! What to do in case of a downpour?


Culture side

Art in all its form

In and around the village, art galleries present their work or that of their exhibited artists for a great cultural escape.