Vignoble Provence Grimaud Var 30Vignoble Provence Grimaud Var 30
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Wine country

and land of olive groves

Grimaud, in the heart of Provence, also boasts a terroir of which its inhabitants are extremely proud. Olives, wine, golden honey, chestnuts and wild mushrooms … Nature, combined with man’s know-how, have conspired to produce some wondrous creations…


Lovingly cultivated land

Grimaud’s vineyards are perhaps the best symbol of the area’s vitality; over the centuries; the vineyards have remained the driving force of the local economy and, today, Grimaud wines are exported and enjoyed the world over.

Grimaud’s wine cooperative best exemplifies this vitality, with two bottling lines, 100% of production sold every year, and good quality wine that continues to improve.

You’ve also got the wine estates, rural gems dotted throughout the Grimaud region: Val de Gilly, Clos Servien, La Tourre… Wine-growers on these estates have lovingly worked their land, using the same methods, for generations, producing delicious nectar for us to share.

Les vendanges à Grimaud, Provence
Les vendanges à Grimaud, Provence
Les vendanges à Grimaud, Provence

The grape harvest

Sometimes, as early as the end of August the tractors begin their annual procession on our local roads. Wine growers gather to start preparations for the harvest.

After soaking up the summer sun, the grapes are ripe and ready for the cooperative winery to work their magic, transforming them into the nectar of Provence.


A land of olive groves

The region’s olive growing tradition dates back beyond the 11th century.

For the most part, the olive groves are planted on sunny, often terraced, slopes. They produce table olives but also precious oil which is, of course, used for cooking but also for making soap.

The number of oil mills, evidence of this olive production, increased significantly from the 16th century onwards. Today, just one smallholder continues to use this ancient production method.