Grimaud Village Historique Var (44)Grimaud Village Historique Var (44)

The charm of a village

Grimaud Village is a blend of the traditions of Provence and the closely guarded secrets of medieval history held within its castle. Immerse yourself in the authentic setting of Grimaud and travel through the centuries via its floral alleyways.

Take a journey through

in the history of Grimaud

This ancient village of Provence has a long and sometimes mysterious tale to tell.

The oldest church in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez holds many secrets, the Castle, acting as lookout over the surrounding countryside, has its own stories, and the stone houses still contain whispers of the life of our ancestors.

At each turn here in Grimaud, you are transported through time.

Hamlets and neighbourhoods

of a Provençal village

Grimaud extends from the coastline to the heartland with its collection of hamlets and charming neighbourhoods.

Artisans of

land and substance

Loving hands creating and crafting quality products. From the culinary delights of the vines and olive groves to uniquely crafted items, the artisans of Grimaud bring their skills and expertise to you.