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Grimaud, where do you come from?

The whole story

Half-rumour and half-reality, the name of Grimaud always gets people talking.

The mysterious Gibelin

Grimaldi, not Grimaldi ?

Here is a legend about the origins of Grimaud’s name that’s much talked about!

But who is this Ghibelline of Grimaldi who, even after decades of denial, remains present in the history of Grimaud?

Legend has it that he was the first lord of Grimaud and that he received the seigneury in thanks from William the Liberator for his help in expelling the Saracens from the region.

A legend

throughout the ages

It is said that smart alecks had made a false charter* in the 15th century, which sang the praises of an imaginary character: Gibelin of Grimaldi. The latter would have lived in the 11th century.

Moreover, the resemblance between Grimaud and Grimaldi helps, of course, to give life to this incredible legend.

Not to mention the presence of the Grimaldis of Monaco from the 14th century on Provence. The family extended its power over the region, which confused the issue.

Although some would have liked it, the Grimaldis never became lords of Grimaud. But it’s never too late for an invitation to discover our wonderful village, right?

* charter: a text that brings together the rights and privileges granted to a community. For our region, lacking in ancient texts, the few charters that exist allow us to get a glimpse of life at that time.

The story

Where did Grimaud come from?

Simply from an important landowner of the 8th or 9th century who left his name to the district.

This district gave the name to the hamlet, which later became the village of Grimaud, which is referred to in the first charters that mention the name “Grimaldo”.

A story far less whimsical than this blasted Gibelin, but a true story!

Undoubtedly, Ghibelline of Grimaldi will continue to cast doubt and fuel this legend. But Grimaud, Monaco… We each have our own piece of rock!