Grimaud Village Historique Var (68)Grimaud Village Historique Var (68)
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Myths and legends

of Grimaud

Between fact and fiction, what is the truth behind the myths and legends of Grimaud? Here’s your opportunity to find out.

Find out more

about the origins of Grimaud

Grimaud is a village rich in history. The biggest settlement was home to the most residents and, of course, the lords. At this time, the area was known as the ‘Gulf of Grimaud’.
Where does the name come from? Is there a link with the Grimaldi family (Principality of Monaco)?


to prehistory

The history of Grimaud has had several major eras, like the middle-ages represented by the castle, and not so long ago in the 1960s, when Port Grimaud was built.

But the history goes back many thousands of years, as evidenced by the menhirs (standing stones) we still see today in the area.

Legends of

Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud may well be a very young and lively coastal town, but it still has a number of stories to tell since its creation.


in Grimaud

Like we see in so many villages, the cats roam about to guide you around Grimaud, which they know like the back of their paws. But it might cost you a little stroke.

As for the Maures tortoises, they hide in the woodland near the Fairy Bridge. If you make a wish, perhaps you’ll see one…