Vignoble Provence Grimaud Var 29Vignoble Provence Grimaud Var 29
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Trails for escaping

Six walks take you around Grimaud, in nature, to the Pont des Fées (Fairy Bridge) and even to Port Grimaud.

In the quiet districts

of Grimaud

In the Castellane or the Peyron districts, you will find these two tranquil walks for pleasant trips.

The must-do

Fairy Bridge Trail

If there is one hike you must absolutely do, it’s the Fairy Bridge Trail. In the heart of the Massif des Maures mountain range amid nature.

The little extra

Information signs on the Massif’s flora and fauna.

Continue the walk

after the Fairy Bridge

On the trail of the Fairy Bridge, you can continue your route on the trails of the Pierredon or the Calade.

Getting from

Grimaud to Port Grimaud

This path leads from Grimaud to Port Grimaud via a route away from the main roads. We recommend it by bike.