Vignoble Provence Grimaud Var (1)Vignoble Provence Grimaud Var (1)
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Wine cellars and vineyards

Provence is known for many reasons – the beauty of its villages and landscapes, lavender fields and of course the vineyards which have made rosé famous internationally.

Rosé was born here

in Provence

You’ve almost certainly heard this said by a local chap from Provence. (Imagine him with the local accent, pronouncing “vé!” at the end of his sentence just to give you a feel of the atmosphere).

Vine growing dates back many a century and this land of Provence is one of the most famous wine regions in France and across the world… thanks to rosé from Provence..

A land of authenticity where the vines of this exquisite landscape play an important role.

Les vendanges à Grimaud, Provence
Les vendanges à Grimaud, Provence
Les vendanges à Grimaud, Provence

At the end of summer

Grape harvesting season

The vine, the land, the terroir, the rosé of Provence, the ballet of tractors… The harvest season takes place between August and September.

An essential time for Provence’s vineyards, which will give rise to fine nectars.
All you have to do is choose your color.