Les Grimaldines Grimaud Entre Amis (9)Les Grimaldines Grimaud Entre Amis (9)
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In Grimaud, no down time, only highlights ! Sports or cultural, traditional or gourmet, there will be something for everyone.


Events you don't want to miss

The Grimaldines and the Musical Evenings are essential events in Grimaud’s musical calendar.

Firstly, we have the Grimaldines: our summer festival of world music and street performance. Then, there are the Musical Evenings: classical music concerts showcasing the religious heritage of the village.

Local delicacies to discover

Food festivals, fairs, markets

Throughout the year, Grimaud brings food festivals and fairs to the fore, promoting indulgent food to share and enjoy.



Organic, ethical, eco-friendly

The organic fair

Organic products have their own show in Grimaud. Three days where you can discover a wealth of organic, ethical and eco-friendly products that respect our planet.

Grimaud at

Christmas time

The magic of Christmas lifts the spirits and brings warmth to the winter days.

A time for the Christmas lights to sparkle in Grimaud! The unique tradition of the Festival of Light kicks off the Christmas celebrations in a warm and friendly setting.

Just before Christmas, the Toy Exchange and Kids’ Christmas events will keep the little ones happy until Christmas day. Father Christmas will be on duty for a day to meet visitors young and old.

Art and theater

Cultural events

Here in Grimaud, we love all forms of art and culture. With art exhibitions featuring sculptures, paintings and installations, and theatrical events, there is much to discover.