Les Grimaldines Grimaud Entre Amis 53Les Grimaldines Grimaud Entre Amis 53
©Cyril Carpentier

Les Grimaldines

World musics & street arts

For more than 20 years, the people of Grimaud have made their merry way along an atypical path among the festivals of Var. In the old village of Grimaud, the mysterious alleys which lead to the majestic château in its lush green surroundings – with breathtaking views of the legendary Gulf of Saint-Tropez – offer the perfect stage to performers you’d expect to be accustomed to such amazing venues…

From mixed rhythms to hot melodies, from choreographic frenzy to established hits, they come from every corner of the globe to get the public dancing, dreaming and smiling on their journey from the coasts of Africa to the centre of Manhattan, from the heavenly landscapes of South Africa to the passionate districts of Havana or Buenos Aires.

The festival celebrates its

20th edition in 2023

To truly capture the spirit of the Grimaldines festival, take a walk through the streets of Grimaud to the foot of the ancient château and cast your eye over the big blue expanse of the Mediterranean sea. A place to escape, where the sky blends into the sea.

The people of Grimaud have opted for a festival with a difference, multiplying the programmes and placing the spotlight on journeys around the world. Melodic journeys, cultural journeys, exotic choreographies and many more wonderful surprises.

Every Tuesday brings free shows and concerts, non-stop into the night. In the little village streets, passionate artists mingle with curious spectators while young hearts aged 7 to 77 exchange looks, laughter and celebration in the rhythmic warmth of the Grimaud night.

Borders and blinkers disappear when Grimaud opens its doors to the world to welcome every single rhythm, style and accent.


Les Grimaldines

A recipe for happiness

Add street theater and performances to concerts at the foot of a medieval castle, mix joyful children both young and old with a pretty Provençal village, pick some stars for decoration, sprinkle with love and joy and voilà! There you have it. Welcome to the Grimaldines!

With family or among friends, enjoy a relaxed and colourful evening in the heart of an authentic village. Doesn’t seem possible? Well, it is with the Grimaldines!

We’re delighted to be returning on 18th and 25th July and then on 1st and 8th August 2023.

A unique festival like you’ll find nowhere else in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez or beyond.

A festival

not to be missed

The Grimaldines involves vibrant performances from committed artists, bursting with energy.

Singers, musicians and acrobats entertain you each year in an event that goes from strength to strength.

A crazy atmosphere with the promise of wonderful memories! Whether you’re team village (street performances), team castle (concerts) or team everything, each year we make it our business to bring people together for a vibrant experience.

Advice for making

the most of your stay
Whereto take the shuttle

– Port Grimaud
(car park opposite the entrance to Port Grimaud)
– Blaquières Multisport complex
(free parking)
– Wine cooperative
– Grimaud village

Priceof the shuttle

Make the most of your visit to the Grimaldines festival with the free shuttle bus provided for your convenience.

From the village to Port Grimaud via the Blaquières Multisport complex, enjoy the Grimaldines festival without worrying about where to park.

Whento take the shuttle

Between 6:00pm and 01:00am, the shuttle buses will be at your service to take you up every 15min to the village or get you home after an evening of partying. Let your friends know.

Please note: the shuttle buses cannot accommodate children who require a car seat.

Buy tickets

From mid-July to mid-August, there are four concerts taking place after the street performances.

Make your way up to Grimaud castle by 22:00 to enjoy a special experience underneath the stars.

Tickets are on sale in our tourist information centres & on our website.