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Grimaud in

Autumn colors

The heat of the summer gives way to the mildness of autumn. Grimaud is no exception – trees don their autumnal colors and their leaves end up flying away.

But summer’s end does not mean the end of activities!

Here are some ideas to make the most of Grimaud in this season.


in nature

Simple but effective, an autumnal walk is second to none – colors switch from green to yellow then to a flamboyant orange and mild afternoons await you. This is a great way to get some fresh air!

We recommend the Sentier du Pont des Fées (Fairy Bridge Trail), surrounded by magic, like the changing autumn colours. This hike will introduce you to nature around Grimaud, in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, and also to one of its landmarks.
A light jacket and good shoes, and you’re ready to explore this trail.


The village and its greenery

The hike can of course be done year round, but each season brings its own special touch. We adore it in autumn!

Colors change, the light, softer, is not the same. The village is adorned with a new cloak (by the way, we recommend a small scarf).

The Provençal houses in the heart of the medieval village whisper all their stories, a place of a thousand secrets… And all the trees, flowers or plants there will recount autumn to you.

A beautiful late autumn

What could be lovelier than to admire a ray of sunshine passing through a tree with orange leaves reflecting on a stone façade…

Or to hear the light breeze pass through its leaves, whether they are still feverishly attached to their tree or slip in an autumnal breath on the cobblestones…

We’re sure you’ll find a thousand reasons to wander around this must-see village in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez this season.

In the vineyards

A coat of fire

If there is a wonder to look at, it is the vineyards, each at their own pace, experiencing the Indian summer.

Make the most of this walk to visit Grimaud’s vineyards which will be delighted to welcome you. They will present their products that have been made with love and you will leave with the assurance of extending this moment when enjoying them at home.

For a first trip, we advise you to walk along the Chemin du Val de Gilly.

Warm up

with a tasty dish

Granted, in autumn the days are not always warm and sunny. Sometimes greyness and rain turn up at the party.

How do you get through these less colourful days? Treat yourself to a meal in one of the restaurants in Grimaud.

A nice little dish puts warms the heart and makes you forget that it is raining outside (don’t forget your umbrella all the same).

After all, isn’t autumn the season for foodies?

Good to know

Complete your autumn day by choosing your restaurant, your wine estate and by discovering the trail that leads you to the Fairies Bridge.