Port Grimaud Cite Lacustre Cote D Azur 48Port Grimaud Cite Lacustre Cote D Azur 48
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Views in Port Grimaud

What do you know about Port Grimaud? A coastal town building project launched in 1966 by the architect François Spoerry, today it’s the biggest marina on the Côte d’Azur.

A popular subject for photographers, the coastal town offers a feast for the eyes.

The most photographed


On the bridge between the Place des Artisans and the Place du Marché is the most popular location for visitors to take photos. How can you resist capturing the essence of Port Grimaud in a single shot?

The view

on arrival

As soon as you arrive, you will be surprised by what looks like a rampart, making Port Grimaud seem like a fortified city. In fact, the Tour des Célibataires gives the coastal town the look of a majestic stronghold.

To know

The Tour des Célibataires (Singles people tower) is so-called because it was built to house seasonal workers.

The most surprising


The ecumenical Church of Saint-François d’Assise, with its simple and understated appearance, hides the most wonderful surprise.

Climb the spiral staircase with its 78 steps to access the panoramic terrace and let yourself be inspired by this incredible view of the whole marina.

The fisherman’s


Port Grimaud, originally conceived for fishermen and their boats, is mostly used by pleasure boats who use the moorings on the quay. So don’t miss this colorful little fishing boat in the Rue du Septentrion.

The view of

the architect’s house

The house built by and for François Spoerry, the architect of Port Grimaud, is located at the far end of l’Île Longue (Long Island).

It can be seen from the church’s panoramic terrace and also from the quays as you stroll along. The best way to approach it is by canal, on an electric boat trip.

Set sail, take to the seas (or canals) and marvel at the most unusual house in Port Grimaud.