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Exhibition of Monumental Sculptures

Discover an exhibition of monumental sculptures throughout the commune of Grimaud and enjoy the alliance between art and heritage during your visit to the village.

Life-sized art

is showcased in Grimaud

Every year, the Exhibition of Monumental Sculptures transforms the commune of Grimaud into a privileged place of public and outdoor artistic expression.

From spring, as the flowers bloom, the sculptures will come to bloom in the narrow streets and small squares and even in the exhibition hall of the Maison des Arcades.

The exhibition ends in autumn and leaves the winter to prepare new artists and new works for you to discover.


15th edition

Highlighting of the sculptures

For its fifteenth edition, the Exhibition of Monumental Sculptures in Grimaud entitled “Illuminated Sculptures”, from May 21, 2021 with its 50 sculptures and 11 artists from all walks of life, invites you to take a different look at our places for walks.

The narrow streets of the village, the small squares and even the roundabouts will be beautified by the presence of these sculptures worth discovering.



This year, the artists welcomed are Cécile de Kock, Chantal Derderian-Christol, Célia Gouveiac, Vincent Givogre, Carl Jaunay, Jean-Marc Blengini, Willy Niodo, Lutfi Romhein, Jean-Pieere Baldini, Lieven d’Haese, René Julien.