Festival Theatre Grimaud Var (9)Festival Theatre Grimaud Var (9)
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Sundays on stage

Theater festival

From April to October, for one Sunday a month, Grimaud beats to the rhythm of the theater.

Discover ‘Sundays on stage’.

Passion for the art

Theater in Grimaud

Performance art is always in the spotlight in Grimaud and there’s plenty to go around! In the intimate setting of the Beausoleil theatre, ‘Sundays on stage’ provides entertainment and a celebration of the arts for the whole family in a friendly and unpretentious environment.

The Cultural and Heritage service creates a new programme for each season, to share their passion with you. Love, turmoil and fantasy will be on the menu. What better way to thank you for your ever-increasing attendance at our Sunday gatherings.


In the spotlight

local performance groups

Each season, ‘Sundays on stage’ is committed to showcasing local performance groups from the department or the wider region. We have lots of home-grown talent and we are so delighted to invite them to ‘tread our boards’!

We often bring local talent to our stage, performers who were nurtured and supported by the Theatrical Studies Resource Centre (CERT) right here in Grimaud.
Now passionate actors, they spark joy through their dazzling performances.

Treat yourself with this taste of the theatre, which will have you laughing and crying (with laughter). An experience not to be missed in Grimaud.

Advice for making

the most of your evening

Meet at 5.30 p.m. on performance days at Salle Beausoleil, 850 Route Nationale in Grimaud.


The “Les Dimanches de la scène” theater festival is free.


Contact the Culture and Heritage department of the Town Hall of Grimaud on + 33 (0)4 94 55 69 23.