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A village and its cats

Cats have adopted the village and it’s not unusual to see them basking in the sun, especially in the Rue des Meuniers.

As you wander around the village of Grimaud, you might encounter Black, Mistigri or Cookie.


Rue des Meuniers

Grimaud, in Provence, is teeming with typical, charming little streets each with their own personality.

Rue des Meuniers is a little cut-through linking Place Vieille with Rue des Templiers and is a popular photo spot, with its beautiful bougainvillea. You feel like you’re walking through the most colourful arch.

Stroll along by the stone walls, step on the cobbles, drink in the floral aroma. This street, like so many others in Grimaud, takes you on a journey into the heart of a Provençal village.

In Grimaud

Cats posing

If you’ve ever wandered around in the little villages, you must have noticed that they provide an ideal playground for our feline friends.

The nice thing about the Rue des Meuniers is that it’s a little sanctuary for numerous cats who have found their little paradise.

Meet Black, Cerise, Lilou, Esther – they just love kibbles and naps! They’ll happily pose for photos in exchange for being left to chill in peace.

Cats on show