Les Grimaldines Grimaud Entre Amis (1)Les Grimaldines Grimaud Entre Amis (1)
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An evening with friends at

Les Grimaldines Festival

Four friends meet in Grimaud for their usual evening at the Grimaldines Festival. Join them and discover why the Grimaldines are an absolute must.

Who are they?

We are a group of thirtysomethings who have been living in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez for a few years. When summer arrives, we select the best ideas and the Grimaldines are part of our list of unmissable outings.

Les Grimaldines

A unique atmosphere

We’ve been coming to several editions of the festival at least once each summer. We love the charming village of Grimaud. When it comes alive on the evenings of the Grimaldines, the street performances that invite us to stroll in the narrow streets and small squares are a real pleasure. The atmosphere is unique and the shows are always impressive. We go from brass bands to comedy, from acrobatics to drums.

Back to childhood

The Grimaldines are carefree moments where we have fun.
The fact that all generations are represented is what we like.
Families, young people and retirees mix and have fun in a relaxed and festive atmosphere.
Besides, we are never the last to test the wooden games on the Place Vieille!

Concerts at the castle

An evening in July…

This year, we didn’t want to miss out on Toure Kunda (July 30, 2019). We expected to move, to experience a moment that would make us travel to Africa, to Senegal where they come from, and what can we say… We were not disappointed! The whole audience was carried away by their incredible energy and we will not be the last to dance to their lively music!

Final words

Every year, the Grimaldines are an event that we would not miss for anything in the world! As well as getting together for a fantastic evening, it’s the perfect recipe for street shows and concerts at the Castle.

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