Premier Mariage A Port Grimaud (1)Premier Mariage A Port Grimaud (1)
©Sylvie Derveloy

The first wedding

in Port Grimaud

We had the pleasure of meeting Sylvie, Port Grimaud’s first ever bride. She told us the story of her day in photos.

Port Grimaud

The first wedding

The first love story is a beautiful one.

On 23 April 1973, the Church of Saint-François d’Assise, designed by François Spoerry, hosted its very first celebration of love.

In the early days of Port Grimaud, Sylvie’s father bought the third house in the town off-plan for 100,000 francs. The house is located in rue de l’Octogone.

At the time, it was a crazy project and people wondered if the houses would stay up on the marshlands that have now been transformed into a coastal town.

The bet certainly paid off for Sylvie’s father, as we know today how successful the town has become.


‘I do’

Some years later, Sylvie chose to get married in the town that would later be named ‘The Little Venice of Provence’.

The bride arrived by water taxi and all the other boats in the harbour followed, as if they were the bride’s train floating along the canal. An amazing procession!

The residents applauded and cheered the bride from their balconies, adding their own contribution to this grand premier in Port Grimaud.

Once the rings had been exchanged, Sylvie threw her bouquet from the balcony in the function room and continued to celebrate her big day with family and friends.