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The Cigales

The plage to be

The lighthouse and the view make this little beach top of your to-do list when you come to the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

The lighthouse is a must

Unmissable, unrivaled, unmatched – so many adjectives to describe Cigales beach.

On the way to or from Sainte-Maxime, you will surely have noticed it. This tiny harbour with a lighthouse and bridge – just so much charm in a single frame..

Cigales beach

Small beach on the Mediterranean coast

What makes Cigales beach so endearing is its diminutive size. An intimate beach with charming surroundings, the jostle of parasols is naturally limited.

Although of course all beaches are there for you to perfect your chilling-out skills, Cigales beach has a little bonus. Something that you will appreciate while getting your fix of vitamin D or taking a swim in a stunning setting that you won’t find elsewhere.

The little extra

There are a few shady areas under the pine trees at certain times of day.

Private harbour

This is a private harbour belonging to the Villa de la Pointe Alègre, rumoured to be a hang-out of the rich and famous, such as Monica Bellucci.

Whether that’s true or not, the star for us has to be the lighthouse.

A view over to Saint-Tropez

A gulf between two shorelines

In the distance, you can see the most famous bell-tower in the Côte d’Azur, as well as the harbour and the citadel.
You can watch the comings and goings of the boats as they jostle for the best spot to drop anchor, or set sail for further adventures.
Are you up for it? Picture perfect You could fall in love with it.

So what is posidonia?

You can see it all along the coastline. It looks like seaweed but actually it’s an aquatic plant that does wonders for the environment, even when it’s washed up on the beach.

It actually protects the coastline from erosion. That’s why it’s a protected species on the Mediterranean coast.

Good to know


All along the cycle path. Free, limited spaces.

Reduced mobility

Not accessible for people with reduced mobility. (there is a ramp, but it’s very steep and bumpy).

Public toilets

Open during the summer season.


Unsupervised swimming. Swimming within marked zones.

Jumping from the bridge

For your own safety, it is forbidden to jump from the bridge. The local authorities will not be held liable if an accident occurs.