Pont Des Fees Grimaud Var 39Pont Des Fees Grimaud Var 39
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Fairies bridge

in spring

The return of spring is such a pleasant time to go on a nature walk… and to visit the Fairies Bridge, just a stone’s throw from the village of Grimaud.

A relic of yesteryear

Today, the Fairies bridge is a nugget in the middle of the nature of the the Maures mountain range. We observe it, what was its role?
In the 16th and 17th centuries, it was the aqueduct that supplied the village with water.

Fairies bridge

The beauty of spring

In spring, it’s easy to marvel when the first buds emerge! You can only succumb to the flowery landscapes of this season at the Fairies bridge…
Your mind will float away on the soft ripple of the river as it echoes along, playing a different, original tune as it glides over the rocks.

A paradise for wild flowers

Nature at its freest, breathing life into the wild grasses, dandelions and poppies…
A blend of color and fragrance that’ll make you forget everything else!

A fairy mystery

The Maures Tortoise

Is this the ‘fairy’ that inspired the ancient residents of Grimaud to name the bridge?
The Hermann’s tortoise (its scientific name) lives peacefully in this natural haven and undoubtedly passes down all the secrets of the Grimaud aqueduct through generations of tortoises.

Walks at

Fairies bridge

Three of the walking trails around Grimaud take you past the Fairy Bridge.

Make the most of your walk by combining nature, heritage and discovery.