Sentier Castellane Grimaud Var (5)Sentier Castellane Grimaud Var (5)
©Sentier Castellane Grimaud Var (5)

La Castellane trail

On quiet roads through sleepy parts of the village, visit Grimaud and you may come across some rather affectionate horses.

Leaving from Grimaud

Explore the plain and the charming southern part of the village. You have a stunning view of the village and the surrounding hills from this trail. The trail starts opposite the Heritage Museum of Provençal life.

Say hello to the horses and

enjoy a peaceful walk

The Castellane path will take you to Grimaud’s quiet districts, close to nature. Here, take your time, just stroll along and observe the surroundings.
This walk will take you past several fields of horses. If you’re lucky, you’ll get close enough to our equine friends, who might be looking for another treat…

Vineyards, olive groves and

a view over the village

You can’t fail to notice the olive trees and grapevines planted all along the path. There are plenty of these in Grimaud, where farming traditions are maintained and showcased.

You’ve nearly reached the end of the trail, so turn around. Beyond the olive groves and fields, you’ll have a magnificent view of the village and the Château dominating the plains.

Good to know

Please help to protect the site by staying on the marked paths and following the green arrows.

This path is an easy one. There’s just one downhill and one uphill section that are a bit steep.

The route is available all year round.

After the walk

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