Grimaud Village Historique Var (67)Grimaud Village Historique Var (67)
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Grimaud in 1 day

A day tripper in Grimaud in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez? Discover the village’s main attractions.

Grimaud to Port Grimaud
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Need a change of scenery?

Here are some ideas to make your visit to Grimaud unforgettable. The Mediterranean sea is an undeniable asset of the French Riviera, washing ashore the Gulf of Saint Tropez, and is sure sweep you off your feet.


Visit of the medieval castle

Embark upon a journey through time and dive into the medieval era… The village of Grimaud is a true patrimonial gem. There is a castle with an impressive view of the Gulf of Saint Tropez, a church, a windmill, chapels, and streets that are typical of Provence and the Middle Ages.
The village of Grimaud is full of history, one morning will suffice to crack some of its secrets…


A little hungry after all that exploring ?

Here is a selection of some of the restaurants in the village of Grimaud and at Grimaud port, sure to tickle your taste buds!


at Port Grimaud

Let’s go! It’s time to take the Little Train with Sébastien to Port Grimaud ! (in high-season) A pleasant means of transport to take you on a ride and drop you off at the entrance of Port Grimaud, the little Venice of the Var.

Port Grimaud, a fifty-year-old city built on water , came straight from the imagination of a “crazy” architect, François Spoerry. Today, the largest marina in the French Riviera has seduced thousands of enthusiasts. The houses of Port Grimaud are like coloured clouds floating on the canals of this Provençal Venice.

Take your time, go for a wonder… On foot, by electric boat or by tow-boat! From February to November, imagine that you’re Marco Polo or Christopher Columbus sailing along the canals of this city built on water, discovering fishermen’s houses.

Watch out, in Port Grimaud, an ice cream is a must-have accessory ! Treat yourself: there are several ice cream parlours with a range of (tasty) sorbets and (delicious) ice creams.

It’s already time for you to take the return train…back to Grimaud ! Don’t miss the Little Train’s last call in order to continue your great escape in Provence and French Riviera.

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