Massif Des Maures Grimaud Var Provence (40)Massif Des Maures Grimaud Var Provence (40)
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Risk of fires

and extreme heat

Sensible measures at times of extreme heat.

Accessing the forests

of the Var

In the heat of summer, walks in the countryside become more risky. The intense heat carries the risk of fire.

The Var department provides a fire alert map, which is updated daily from 19 June to 20 September and covers all of the Var regions.

Stay aware and avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Be careful

Every summer, the long-awaited sunshine causes extreme heat that can result in fires breaking out.
Simple measures can be taken to avoid devastation.

Water restrictions

Lack of rain can result in low water supplies and drought, which can make water consumption problematic in the summer time. The Ministry of Ecological Transition updates the water restrictions map on a regular basis. To find out if you’re affected, please consult the map.

Poster translation:
Forest fires: prevention and protection
Half of all fires are caused by carelessness
Do not light fires or barbecues near the forest edge
Do not smoke in the forest or throw cigarette butts out of car windows
Do not carry out work that will cause sparks on days when there is a risk of fire
Do not leave combustible materials (wood, fuel, gas) right outside your house
If you see a fire starting, report the fire immediately with precise details of the location
Staying at home is the best way to protect yourself from fire

Heatwave warning

We are all vulnerable in a heatwave. Think of those around you, particularly elderly people, young children and animals.

Take sensible measures and stay alert.

Poster translation:

During heatwaves and times of extreme heat, take sensible measures.

Dampen your skin and increase ventilation

Keep your house cool by leaving shutters closed during the day

Stay in touch with family and friends

Eat adequate amounts

Don’t drink alcohol

Avoid physical exertion

Drink water regularly

If you feel unwell, dial 15.