Par Temps De Pluie GrimaudPar Temps De Pluie Grimaud
©Cyril Carpentier

In case of flooding

The right actions to take in the event of a flood.

The 8 right actions

In case of flooding, do not take any risks. Follow the government’s recommendations.

Poster translation :
– Rain and flooding: the 8 right actions to take in the event of heavy Mediterranean rainfall
– Stay informed and listen to the authorities’ instructions in the media and on social networks by following the official accounts.
– Do not go out in your car and postpone any journeys.
– Keep an eye on loved ones, neighbours and vulnerable people.
– Keep away from waterways and keep clear of riverbanks and bridges.
– Do not go out. Take shelter in a building and do not take shelter beneath a tree due to the risk of lightning.
– Do not go down into the basement, take shelter high up, upstairs.
– Do not go anywhere in your vehicle or on foot. Submersible bridge, ford, underpass… Less than 30 cm of water is enough for a car to be swept away.
– Do not go and pick up your children from school, they are safe there.
– Yellow level: dangerous and local phenomena
– Orange level: dangerous and widespread phenomena
– Red level: dangerous phenomena of exceptional intensity

A flood kit

Being prepared will allow you, in case of an emergency or unexpected situation, to live independently for 3 days.

Adopt the right reflexes and be vigilant.

Poster translation :

Prepare your safety kit well.
In an emergency, the running water, electricity and telephone networks may be shut down. Prepare to live independently for a few days (3 days) with some essential items.

A safety kit should have the following:
– radio and flashlight with spare batteries
– candles, lighters or matches
– non-perishable food and drinking water
– medicine
– spare pair of glasses
– warm clothing
– spare keys
– copy of identity documents
– first aid kit
– cash
– mobile phone charger
– baby items
– pet food

Always have a safety kit placed in an easy-to-reach location so that it can be retrieved as quickly as possible.