Dress code in town

You must dress appropriately. No, we’re not talking about a dinner jacket.

Holidays, beach, hot weather

We’ve been dreaming about it all year long, lazing around in the sun, smearing cream on ourselves like a marinade.

We also love this time of year. We appreciate your coming to visit us and are happy to help make your holiday dreams come true.
We also love to sunbathe with a cocktail in our hand.

But just because you’re on holiday, it doesn’t mean that ‘anything goes’.

Respect everyone else, as well as the law.

In Grimaud, beachwear belongs on the beach.
In town, a t-shirt is your most precious asset.

Poster translation:
‘Chocolate bars and brioches stay in their wrappers. Shirts must be worn in town or face a €33 fine’