Plage De Rock Grimaud Cote D Azur (2)Plage De Rock Grimaud Cote D Azur (2)
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An evening at

Plage de Rock

For over 10 years, Plage de Rock has been the essential summer event in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

At Les Prairies de la Mer

Plage de Rock

Young people in the Gulf of Saint Tropez have been rocking out at Plage de Rock for over 10 years. Launched in 2006 and back with a vengeance in 2015 after a short break!

Dreamed up by the Prairies de la Mer holiday park, the concerts immediately captured the imagination of the local population and holiday-makers.

It started out on the beach (as some of us can remember that wonderful time in 2012, with Santigold owning the stage while we danced on the sand), but nowadays it takes place opposite the Long Bar.

Party time

Unique atmosphere

An evening at Plage de Rock is time spent beneath the stars, with concerts that bring the loyal, music-loving crowd to life for a truly unmissable event.

Plage de Rock is the meeting-place for music-lovers to lose themselves in the moment. Every year, the team succeeds in bringing groups and artists to the stage who get us clapping and dancing all night long.

Story of an evening out

We arrive at the end of the day and right at the start of the first concert. The sound is electrifying, the guitar is going crazy, and we quickly snake our way into the crowd.

We discover Sons of Raphael, two brothers who seem genuinely captivated by their own music. The music hits you right between the eyes, as do the artists, back to back, delivering a forceful duel and giving their all.

Short, but intense!

A quick break. It’s summer, it’s hot, we go to the bar for a cold ‘hop juice’ (in moderation, of course) before the epic start of the second concert.

And what a treat! We stumble right into Ronnel, Sons of Raphael’s singer, and exchange a few words. He tells us about London, while we talk about the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, the sea and the sun. Of course, we congratulate him on his performance and then we go our separate ways with a ‘cheers’ and a smile.

Metronomy en concert

We want more

Once again, we don’t regret it. An incredible energy, excellent light shows, electronica, new wave and indie sounds (plus many more that we don’t know the names of but would love to add to the list) and a packed crowd. The only thing to say is: ‘Wow!’

Yet another unforgettable evening. So thanks, Plage de Rock!

Goog to know

And the best thing about it? It’s free, open to all, a stone’s throw from the sea, a fabulous location – what more could you want?

Want to make a whole night of it? There are restaurants and bars right in the heart of the Prairies de la Mer holiday park.