Diner Romantique Port Grimaud (5)Diner Romantique Port Grimaud (5)
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Romantic dinner

in Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud is a joy to discover. Why not take the opportunity to add a touch of romance over a dinner by the canals?

Along the canals

In the south, going to a restaurant is a way of life, a moment of sharing where one enjoys a lovely meal.
Why not spend a gourmet evening by the canals of Port Grimaud?

Indulge a little at La Table du Mareyeur.

On the menu

Fish and seafood

This is the speciality of this restaurant which has been established in the lakeside town for many years.

In a setting worthy of Venice, La Table du Mareyeur borders the canals in a romantic atmosphere, with candlelight and scented with roses.

Enjoy the seafood platter: fresh oysters and shellfish that will make you happy.

Happiness in Port Grimaud

Pleasure of a summer evening

From appetisers to desserts, the cooks offer a festival of taste for your taste buds.

With a setting that recalls a romantic film, impeccable service, all that’s left to do is invite your beloved.