Cafoutche Flamel Grimaud Soiree Atypique (7)Cafoutche Flamel Grimaud Soiree Atypique (7)
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Cafoutche Flamel


A unique venue in Grimaud and in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, with its imaginative cocktails and tapas.

An atmosphere, a vibe

Behind the intriguing red facade hides an unusual place, like nothing else in Grimaud. Just open the door for a complete change of scene.
Atmospheric lighting, vintage objects, sweet aromas, great music…

Each nook and cranny has its own personality. Every time you look, you’ll always see something that you hadn’t noticed before.


of flavors

A feast for the eyes. But also for the taste buds.
Jessica and Maxime have gladly taken up the challenge.

A very original cocktail menu – no Mojitos or Tequila Sunrises here! Only innovative cocktails that they have dreamed up themselves.

The best place to eat tapas

Something to nibble while you sip your boldly-flavored cocktail?

Ask the chef to prepare you some of their house tapas. Treat yourself to something from the tempting menu of goodies, which are as imaginative as the cocktails.

When we visited, we tried the trout tartare, ‘panisse’ chickpea fritters with fennel cream and white chocolate desert roses.

A firm favourite

Try Brèdes Mafane

Another little trick they pull out of the hat at Cafoutche Flamel is to make you experience something rather surprising. You might even fizz with excitement!

If you like surprises, ask the chef if you can try the Brèdes Mafane (paracress), which will definitely leave an impression! (subject to availability)