Moulin Saint Roch Grimaud Var (2)Moulin Saint Roch Grimaud Var (2)
©Cyril Carpentier
Events intertwined with

the monuments

Monuments are lovingly brought to life in Grimaud, with traditional, cultural and musical events. An opportunity to appreciate local heritage whilst enjoying your stay in the village.

Moments of

intense pleasures

You can also learn more about our history at the many festivals, and literary, musical and artistic gatherings. It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy a rich mix of culture and heritage, both past and present.

Every Provençal village also has its own traditional festivals, and Grimaud is no exception. Time seems to have had little effect or, rather, these festivals have stayed true to their roots, introducing just a few improvements, sufficient to attract new generations of visitors.

In spring, it’s time for the wool fair and a chance for fellow villagers to meet up. In summer, the Saint-Jean fireworks traditionally mark the return of the fine weather and harvest season. The 16th of August is the day of the village festival, when a long and beautiful procession makes its way up to grounds of Notre-Dame-de-la-Queste chapel. For the festival of Saint-Michel, the entire village gathers together to honor their patron saint.


for the evening

One of the most exciting times of the year is the Grimaldines Festival. Spend the evening strolling through the village streets, finally making your way to the foot of the castle for an unforgettable concert performance.

A historic village

firmly rooted in the present

An unmistakably Provençal village, Grimaud remains true to its traditions whilst keeping up with modern times. From festivals to guided tours, with exhibitions along the way, the heart of Grimaud beats to the rhythm of the past and present, while looking resolutely towards the future. Would you like to experience the spirit of Provence within the heart of an authentic village? Come and visit Grimaud!

Prepare for

your stay