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Saint-Francis of Assisi church

in Port Grimaud

Port-Grimaud church, designed by François Spoerry.

A church

of Camargue inspiration

The massive style and the imposing arcatures are reminiscent of the Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer church.

Inside only the nave is sober. Above the platform you can see a series of stained glass windows by Victor Vasarely. The stained-glass windows depict the sun’s trajectory through the day.


Saint-Francis of Assisi

An Ecumenical church

Port Grimaud Church is Ecumenical, meaning that it serves all cults originating from western religions. In Port Grimaud, there is a weekly Protestant service and a Christian mass.

François Spoerry, father of Port Grimaud, rests in the Church of Saint-Francis of Assisi

Access the roof terrace

for an exceptional view

From the top of the church tower there is a spectacular view of Port Grimaud, the Gulf of Saint Tropez and the plain. In the distance you can make out the Grimaud village and castle on the hill.

Advice for making

Mapof Port Grimaud

At the Tourist Information Office from April to September, you can obtain a map of the coastal town, which indicates the places of interest, such as Saint-Francis of Assisi church.

Walkin the port

Make the most of your trip to Port Grimaud by visiting the church and enjoy an electric boat ride.

View onthe lakeside city

To access the rooftop terrace, go through the turnstile (€1) and climb the spiral staircase (78 steps), then enjoy the magnificent view.