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The Fairies Bridge

Located a short distance from the village, the Fairies Bridge transports you into the heart of the countryside.

Make a wish

Fairies bridge

Behind its delightful name hides an ancient aqueduct which supplied the village of Grimaud with water during the 16th and 17th centuries via the fountain on Place Neuve.

With a few waves of a magic wand, the bridge was built over the La Garde river.

Its unique construction and exceptional location earned it the classification of ‘noteworthy site’ (‘site remarquable’ in France) as early as 1927.


A beautiful walk to explore

the very heart of the Maures

The Fairies bridge (le Pont des Fées) can be enjoyed at any time of year. With its evergreen tree species, the Maures mountain range remains green all year round.

A special feature of this walk is that you can learn about the local wildlife and plant species using the signs that you encounter along the path.

Once you’ve visited the Fairies Bridge, you’ll understand what a magical place it is.

The local fairy

The Maures Tortoise

The Hermann tortoise, also known locally as the Maures tortoise, is a species found in the Maures mountain range.

If you go off the main track, you are likely to spot one or two of them. The Var region is very much their realm.

Advice for making

the most of your stay
Walking at the Fairies bridge

Please help to protect the site by staying on the marked paths and following the white arrows.

Wearing the right shoes

The track is stony and on a slope, so good footwear is important. Not suitable for pushchairs.

Checkingfor access

The mountains are not accessible at certain times. Please enquire at the Tourist Information Office on +33 (0)4 94 55 43 83.

A few moments at the Fairy Bridge

Le Pont des Fées à Grimaud
Le Pont des Fées à Grimaud
Le Pont des Fées à Grimaud