Sentier Calade Grimaud Var (4)Sentier Calade Grimaud Var (4)
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La Calade trail

The Calade trail takes you from the Saint-Roch windmill up to the village via the Fairy Bridge near the La Garde river.

Leaving from Grimaud

Explore the hills alongside the La Garde river and the old road which leads up to the village, passing by the Saint-Joseph roadside shrine.

You will also see the Fairies Bridge (le Pont des Fées: the remains of the arch of an aqueduct).

A refreshing break

by the river La Garde

This trail, just like the Fairies bridge and Le Pierredon trails, take you along the River Garde and you’ll be able to admire the old aqueduct that supplied water to the village.

In spring, there’s nothing more pleasant than to roll up your trousers and dip your feet in the running water. The current is soothing and cools you down too…

Greenery and flowers

all year round

The Maures mountain range changes through the seasons, with leaves and flowers that come and go on the trees but, all year round, the overall picture is green and the walking is pleasant.

Along the trail, wild grasses and nature herself take every opportunity to exploit the sun and rain. Every season to its flowers, every moment to its joys.

When you come to a footbridge, continue straight on for a few hundred metres until you come across the Calade path, on your right. This used to be called the ‘calado’ which is Provençal for ‘cobbled track’.

Good to know

Please help to protect the site by staying on the marked paths and following the orange arrows.

The track is stony and on a slope, so good footwear is important. Not suitable for pushchairs.

The mountains are not accessible at certain times. Please enquire at the Tourist Office on +33 (0)4 94 55 43 83.

After the walk

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