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Théâtre vilain !

Theater: Vilain!

Entertainment/recreation, Theatre in Sainte-Maxime

From :  6 Full-fare
  • Mixing game board, music, drawing and animated film, Alexis Armengol vividly reinterprets the history of Andersen’s Vilain petit canard, a mixture of references to B. Cyrulnik’s book on resilience. Through the story of a girl who becomes a woman, the story of a metamorphosis that allows us to reconstruct ourselves in order to be reborn from ourselves. A swan sleeps in all of us!

    Zoe is an orphan. A character who bursts onto the stage thanks to the performance of the actress Nelly Pulicani - her fantasy, her funny, and especially her out of the norm gouaille. She speaks fast and loud, Zoe, in an address to the public that immediately moves the theatrical convention because it is for her the urgency to tell a story I have read. That I’ve seen. I’ve seen it a hundred times,” the story of the Ugly Duckling. Very quickly, the story changes.

    Then begins the story of Zoe, the construction of her identity, her passion for language... Zoe will do everything to save herself, try to find refuge, spread her wings. She swirls, sings, laughs. Thanks to her quest nourished by encounters, she will emancipate herself from the past and free herself.

    If the young audience discovers a funny and imaginative story about the difficulty of growing up and building themselves, the adult will perceive the inner maze of a wounded childhood that seeks, with the help of escapes and imaginary friends, the humanity that was promised to him.

    To animate this interior landscape, music, painting, video complement each other magnificently to support Zoe’s initiatory journey in the fulfillment of her quest and an issue as beautiful as that of the tale. And when in the end Zoe is transformed, it is from the story of this life of clashes, dreams and encounters that she dresses to build the armour of her future existence.

  • Spoken languages

  • On March 22, 2022
  • Full price
    From 6 € to 12 €


  • On March 22, 2022 at 8:30 PM