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Moby Dick

Theatre-Puppet show: Moby Dick

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From :  13 Full-fare
  • Immediately embark on a new theatrical and literary journey in the company of a chorus of actors, about fifty puppets, a sunken orchestra and a life-size whale! The multi-sensory theatre of the director and visual artist Yngvild Aspeli is the measure of the story: captivating, dizzying, funny and nourished by a strange wisdom.

    Moby Dick is much more than the novel of a whaling expedition: it is a dizzying dive into the underwater depths and those, deeper still, of the human soul. Because faced with the immensity of the sea, the great questions of existence impose themselves on it. No one, better than Hermann Melville in Moby Dick, has grasped the stakes of the battle between man and nature.

    The production of Yngvild Aspeli plays on dream and illusion, the dual presence of actors and puppets of various sizes, the impact of music and images, listening to the text. It invites to live a physical and sensory experience "where everything tells" complex human relationships, questions the servility between Captain Ahab and his slave Fedallah, searches the darkness of the deep sea and his ghosts disappeared…

    The titanic novel of Melville seems to have been made for the Norwegian artist and his company Solar Plexus, her "floating Babel" as she calls it, who lives withdrawn from the city, in a space out of time where everything can happen: the invisible and even the inexplicable. As in Moby Dick, this mythological space that unites man with the beast and the beast with nature.

  • Spoken languages

  • On November 27, 2021
  • Full price
    From 13 € to 24 €


  • On November 27, 2021 at 8:30 PM