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Soirée Estivale : Nardges

Entertainment/recreation, Concert, Singing/Song in Sainte-Maxime
  • Enter the spellbinding world of Nardges, a multi-faceted artist whose music is luminous, mystical and timeless. With a wealth of stage experience under her belt, Nardges takes her audience on a sensory journey where the boundaries between musical genres become blurred.

    Accompanied by a talented band, Nardges' repertoire is a captivating blend of Soul and Electro. Marcus Sylvan on keyboards, Naziha Acheg on bass and Lionel Turoc on drums form a masterful trio that brings the artist's compositions to life with infectious energy.

    Each of the band members has a long history in the music industry, having accompanied many renowned and talented artists on stage. Their experience and virtuosity are reflected in every note, creating a perfect symbiosis between Nardges' haunting vocals and the sophisticated musical arrangements.

    Whether you're a fan of Soul, Electro or simply looking for a unique musical experience, Nardges and his band promise you an unforgettable evening where the magic happens at every moment. Don't miss the chance to discover this exceptional artist and her fascinating world live!

  • On August 7, 2024 at 9:30 PM