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Music: Imany Voodoo Cello

Cultural, Concert in Sainte-Maxime

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  • In Swahili, Imany means "hope". This is the nickname she gave herself when she gave up her modeling career for the song. With more than six hundred concerts around the world and nearly a million records sold out, Imany was able to impose her style, a raging melancholy and texts sharpened on the experience of a life: she challenges the nature of man while questioning the woman she is.

    Thanks to his atypical vocal timbre and his universe tinged with blues, folk and soul, Imany quickly established himself on the French music scene with You Will Never Know considered one of the hymns of the year 2011. If the planet discovered Imany at the release of this first album quickly become platinum album, everything was probably played on the stage of a small Parisian club in 2008 for the singer of Comorian origin. It is there that Malik N'Diaye, already producer of Ayo and Grace, spots this young girl fan of Tracy Chapman and Nina Simone. The release of The Shape of a Broken Heart marks the beginning of an irresistible climb to the top.

    After a break following long international tours, Imany returns to the stage to marry his timbre of voice with the warm sounds of a cello ensemble. With Voodoo Cello, the singer casts a spell on 8 cellos to transform essential hits in the history of pop, from Nina Simone to Radiohead including Cat Stevens, Donna Summer, Hozier, t.A.t.u. or Bob Marley…

    Without any artifice, she uses the combined magic of the strings and her voice to bewitch the spectators and awaken their consciences around the power of the feminine.

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  • On April 23, 2022
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  • On April 23, 2022 at 8:30 PM