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Kyan Khojandi

Humour: Kyan Khojandi - Une bonne soirée

Entertainment/recreation, One man Show / One woman show, Comic in Sainte-Maxime

From :  13 Full-fare
  • The Kyan Khojandi-Bruno Muschio duo invites us to spend the evening together in the tone of confidence, humour and joy. With benevolence, he takes a sensitive look at the things of life, childhood and the passing of time, tying up a tight narrative. Lively and hilarious, it’s definitely a good night!

    Kyan Khojandi and his acolyte Bruno Muschio, with the leitmotiv of "making people like them", reached the top of the bill: at Canal Plus first with the Bref capsules that made a hit, then at the theatre with Pulsions, a funny, moving and introspective stand-up.

    Kyan Khojandi in the spotlight, and Bruno Muschio behind the scenes in the indispensable role of co-author and co-writer. What are their favorite fields? The stand-up, the television mini-series, and the stage, always and again where their running gag and their rapid speech (accelerated voiceover) do wonders.

    With a sense of self-deprecation well felt, they tell their vision of life in a family and intimate epic that crosses memories of childhood and suburbs, anguish to survive the loss of the father, geologist in Iran and especially storyteller, feelings of frustration, jealousy and other small pettiness that poison romantic or social relationships.

    It could be the portrait of the average person as the pen of the two companions is the mirror of ordinary life, but with this little plus that is called the precise intention, the mastery of verbal ping-pong, the humor in total circumstances, positive and light… and an immense tenderness.

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  • On November 12, 2021
  • Full price
    From 13 € to 24 €


  • On November 12, 2021 at 8:30 PM