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Humour: I have doubts

Entertainment/recreation, One man Show / One woman show, Comic in Sainte-Maxime

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  • A wonderful sorcerer of language, master of thinking and rethinking the world, Devos plays words like magic wands. Borrowing from the maestro the title of one of his famous sketches, François Morel seizes his phrasing, his poems and puns to question the universe, the madness of existence, incommunicability with his unmatched talent. Between humour, poetry and music, a vibrant tribute to the sweet and dizzying madness of Raymond Devos.

    Actor, writer, columnist and ex-Deschiens, François Morel discovered Devos in the seventies. He sees it, grunts the entrance to go back. He occupies the steps, marvels. Fifty years later, his fascination with this great clown juggling words is intact. Morel plunges body and soul into his prose to invent a musical show in his tribute. His pleasure with the verb and his propensity to flirt with poetry sound like the promise of a suspended time. Let’s bet that his words, accompanied by Antoine Sahler on the piano, will give vertigo.

    "Raymond Devos, ladies and gentlemen, is a miracle that appeared, singularly, on the stage of the French music hall. He looked like no one. No one will ever look like him again. That’s the way it is. You have to make a point. Even if you don’t have to... make a point. It is more opportune to mention Devos to make a madness. A grain of madness capable of stopping the well-oiled mechanics of logic, of reality, of everyday life. Those who saw him remember: Raymond Devos was a rare phenomenon. Like the rainbows of circular fire, like the columns of light, like the fire winds, like the lenticular clouds, it arose, miraculous and mysterious, behind a red curtain that opened on the imaginary. We’ve never seen this before! And in front of this weightless man, we were breathless."

    François Morel.

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  • On January 15, 2022
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  • On January 15, 2022 at 8:30 PM