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La consagración de la primavera

Dance: La Consagración De La Primavera

Cultural, Dance in Sainte-Maxime

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  • When Stravinsky inspires a flamenco genius and a visionary contemporary composer, the encounter is undoubtedly inevitable. Don’t Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring and flamenco dance each take root in a floor riddled with high heels?

    Israel Galvan, emblematic figure of flamenco, the pianists Cory Smythe and Sylvie Courvoisier offer us a madness with three, revisiting The Rite of Spring. A timeless work with striking power.

    An arm raised straight to the sky, a heel striking the scene and here is all the space that starts to turn around the dancer. An undisputed master of contemporary flamenco, Israel Galván has forged its international stature through original creations.

    Pianist and composer, international figure of improvised music, Sylvie Courvoisier deploys an adventurous creativity made of formal rigor and expressive spontaneity. To two intrepid artists, in love with the original, Le Sacre du Printemps offers the most seductive dangers.

    For Sylvie Courvoisier, it’s a question of interpreting, with the very eclectic Cory Smythe, the four-handed version of the author while integrating the rhythmic pulsations breathed by Galván, but also to deliver, in a second time, an original composition freely inspired by the Sacre: Spectro, a delicate introspection with contrasting tempi that unfolds its harmonies in a new way.

    The expressive hammers, ascetic slowness and melodic fury of the piano, answer the corporal arabesques of Israel Galván. Dancer connected to the land and the air, he makes first music of his body and jostles the flamenco dance by making a land of welcome to other traditions. There is born a communion of languages and signs made up of telluric shaking, striking and springing which are the expression of an enjoyable freedom, from that which only art allows expressed at its highest level.

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  • On March 11, 2022
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  • On March 11, 2022 at 8:30 PM