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Danse Gloria

Dance: Gloria

Cultural, Dance in Sainte-Maxime

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  • Back at the Carré for the greatest happiness of all, José Montalvo offers us an ode to cheerfulness, the sense of celebration and the desire to live. Gloria is a woman of joy. An indissociable joy of an infinite desire to dance that runs through Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Bewitching, Gloria is playful, baroque and whimsical. She can no longer imagine her life without dancing. Nor can we without watching…

    José Montalvo loves to give news of his world and invites us once again to dream bigger. With him, some titles have the genius to transport you to a wonderful universe: the same goes for Gloria, his next opus. The director of the M.A.C. de Créteil celebrates both life and its momentum. Through this irresistible vitality, and as he knows how to do so well, Montalvo wields hybridization between disciplines, unexpected combinations between dance forms, singing, video and music.

    Vivaldi is the musical companion of this dreamlike cabaret frequented by virtuoso and extravagant characters. Gloria is the fascinating witch, carrying a song of incandescent love. On stage, the dance becomes a catalyst of joy, a communicative pleasure to be in the world while the choreographer blows us smiling that the joy of dancing allows perhaps to access wisdom, to embrace existence more joyfully, to find a more enjoyable understanding between reality and oneself.

    And Montalvo concluded: "In the face of the ecological chaos foretold, in the face of violence, exclusion and all-out commodification, Gloria carries within her a utopia, a naiveté, an antidote that for me remains fruitful." Glory be to him.

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  • On May 14, 2022
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  • On May 14, 2022 at 8:30 PM