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Colorful lakeside town

for a sailor's dream

Port Grimaud’s colour palette is vibrant, changing, amazing… So much so that the lakeside town is rediscovered with each visit.

A dream come true

for sailors around the world

Port Grimaud, which comprises Provençal-style houses and Mediterranean influenced architecture, is a seaside dream-turned-reality.

Canals criss-cross the town, traffic is controlled and each house has its own mooring.

The architect’s goal was to create a new type of city, somewhere that was pleasant to live, with a range of amenities for residents.

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It’s a gem of a place

ideal for exploring on foot or by boat

Sometimes copied, but never equaled, the “lagoon city” of Port Grimaud is a great architectural triumph.

This flamboyant, fifty year old town hasn’t aged a day and certainly deserved to be included on the list of France’s “20th century Heritage” sites in 2002.

Things to do

in Port Grimaud